KGS Applications

These applications were developed by staff at the Kentucky Geological Survey for public use.

PCAAT: Probablistic Cosmogenic Age Analysis Tool. It is not uncommon for geologic processes to scatter chronology ages far beyond measurement uncertainty. The probabilistic cosmogenic age analysis tool (P-CAAT) was developed to enable users to isolate geologic scatter or skewness from terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (TCN) data to obtain a more robust age. It was developed in the MATLAB environment and calculates a probability density estimate from chronology data (using a kernel smoothing function estimate - ksdensity - function) and isolates Gaussians based on a Monte Carlo approach (using a nonlinear regression - nlinfit - function). P-CAAT is developed and hosted by geomorphologist, geochronologist, and geologist Jason Dortch at the Kentucky Geological Survey.