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Connect to KGS Map Services using Desktop GIS

Kentucky Geological Survey map-related data can be accessed online for viewing in FREE geobrowsers such as Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer, or for use in a proprietary GIS program such as ESRI ArcMap (ArcGIS) without having to locally download GIS datasets. Using the services in this way allows you to view the data in 3-D (ArcGIS Explorer), position data on a globe (Google Earth and Explorer), or overlay your own data on the Kentucky Geologic Map data. The data are also published in WMS (web map service) format for use in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant clients. Advantages include users don't have to download large datasets, and map data is symbolized and labeled for quick use. Please note that you cannot download data or change the symbology from these services, as they are for viewing and querying data.
How To: Add KGS ArcGIS Server Services in ArcMap:
  1. Open ArcMap. Click Add Data .
  2. In the Add Data dialog box, from the "Look In" drop-down menu, select GIS Servers.
  3. Double-click Add ArcGIS Server.
  4. Keep the selection "Use GIS Services". Click Next.
  5. Keep the selection "Internet".
    Enter the Server URL:
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Double-click the server name on the "Add Data" menu.
  8. A menu of the KGS services will appear. Select one or more services to add to your map layers.
Note: View a complete directory of these services and get information about each via this URL: A description and service URL for the most useful services are displayed below in the "Service Directory". You can also save an ArcMap layer file of the service by simply clicking the "View in ArcMap" link for each service.
How To: Use KGS Web Map Services (WMS)
Service Directory:
Below is a listing with links to some useful KGS map services for use in ESRI ArcMap/ArcView, WMS-clients, or other clients such as Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer. These are the same services used in the KGS web map applications (Geologic Map Service, Water service, etc...). The full directory of KGS ArcGIS Server services can be found here:
WMS URL: is the GetCapabilities URL for the service. IMPORTANT: For use in most WMS clients, delete the
"?request=GetCapabilities&service=WMS" portion of the URL given below.

Service URL: links to the ArcGIS Server directory listing. Displays available layers in the service, compatible clients (with links), and other information such as service projection and extent.
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