KGS Rock Core Inventory Search

About the KGS rock core inventory search

Search for rock cores stored at the KGS Earth Analysis Research Library (EARL). Results for each core includes data such as location, footage, stratigraphic data, number of boxes, and call numbers (for viewing at the EARL). Results also include the well or borehole data from where a rock core was derived.

Only cores that are physically available at the EARL are included in these results.

Information and locations for returned rock core data can be downloaded from the "Download Results" tab.

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Note: coordinate info and coordinates are output in last 4 columns of delimited data:
(and are output in the feature "geometry" in the geojson output)
  • "coordinate_system_name": name of coordinate system
  • "coordinate_EPSG": the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) Spatial Reference System Identifier (SRID) for the selected coordinate system. This is a standard code describing the selected coordinate system and is useful for GIS and web mapping.
  • "x_coordinate": the x coordinate (latitude or easting)
  • "y_coordinate": the y coordinate (longitude or northing)
Select a datum and projection for the point coordinates:
Select the type of file for download: