Changes to the KGS Western Kentucky Office Oil and Gas Records

Effective Oct. 1, 2018: Oil and gas well records are no longer available at the KGS Western Kentucky Office in Henderson.

The Kentucky oil and gas well records previously stored at the Henderson office are being moved to the KGS Earth Analysis Research Library (EARL) in Lexington. Most of the Henderson well records (oil and gas well documents, e-logs, etc) are already scanned, searchable, and available online through the KGS oil and gas wells search: or through the KGS Geologic Map Service:

The remaining well records and documents from Henderson that are not available online are physically accessible at the EARL facility in Lexington. KGS will also scan and provide digital copies free of charge upon request (more information below).

The decision to move the records was based on the fact that in recent years very few people have visited the Henderson office to view oil and gas records, and even fewer obtained information that was not already available online.

Although there may be some initial inconvenience, the paper-to-digital transition will allow KGS to make these important records available more quickly, more conveniently, and more economically to more people. We will provide 24/7 internet access to information that would have otherwise been available to the public only a few days per month.

Remaining non-scanned and located well records:
There was a subset of records remaining in Western Kentucky Office filing cabinets that have not been completely assessed for missing wells and documents. The majority of the well records from these remaining cabinets are available through the KGS website (links above), but an estimated 15 - 20% of the material in these cabinets are either documents for wells that are currently not in the KGS database, or are additional documents (e-logs, scout tickets, etc) for wells that are in the database. These cabinets are sequentially organized by the KY Carter coordinate system, and the remaining Carter sections are highlighted in green on the interactive map below. These Carter coordinates (west of the blue line on the map below) are:
19-Q-27 through R-34
18-N-26 through 11-P-22
(1-min section - 5-min letter - 5-min number)

KGS plan:
All well records from the Western Kentucky office moved to the KGS EARL facility in Lexington will be added to the current archive of Kentucky oil and gas records. The non-assessed records described above will be methodically examined and, where necessary, missing wells will be entered into the KGS database, documents scanned, and the digital information made available on the KGS website. We will update the status map to reflect where inventory and scanning has been completed.

Viewing remaining records/requesting scans:
If you are interested in a well or set of wells from the Henderson collection not yet in the KGS database, KGS staff will retrieve, examine, scan, and make available on the KGS website within a reasonable time frame. Our goal will be to have the data available in one working day or less from the time we receive your request. Please read the KGS e-log and document scanning policy for more information and limitations.

Please email or call Carrie Pulliam at KGS to request a scan: (859) 323-0543 or

These remaining records can also be physically examined at the EARL facility (contact info) in Lexington by appointment.

Remaining WKY oil and gas materials status map (by Carter coordinate grid):