Below is a histogram displaying all standard O&G wells drilled in the state by their permitted date. All wells on display were permitted between January 2010 and today and have either already been drilled or are planning to be drilled within a year of their permit date.

To use the histogram in correlation with the map simply slide the two circles at the bottom of either side of the graph to your desired begin and end dates.

You can also hover over each bar for an overall count of all wells permitted within the chosen month and year.

The Data Query tab below will allow you to alter the wells displayed by well result, bore hole type and TD Formation.

The resources here will provide you with a pretty good understanding of oil and gas drilling in Kentucky, but for a more in-depth look at a particular area it would be best to use the Geologic Information Map Service

TD Formation:
Drilled Oil and Gas Wells 2010 to Present Day (by permitted date)