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Kentucky multiple coordinates conversion tool

Upload A Text File For Viewing Points and/or Conversion:

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Text File Must Follow These Format Rules:
  • must be smaller than 1 MB
  • must indicate (above) if file contains a header row
  • header row column names cannot contain spaces
  • header row column names must be UNIQUE
  • must be comma-delimited
  • must contain at least 4 columns:
  • 1st column = id number (must be a number)
  • 2nd column = latitude/northing/y (must be a number)
  • 3rd column = longitude/easting/x (must be a number)
  • 4th column = label field (text - can be id number and must be less than 12 characters)
  • can have as many columns as necessary after the first four columns

Select the Datum and Projection of the Coordinates in Your Data File:
   North American Datum 1927 (NAD-27)    Latitude/Longitude (decimal degree)
UTM Zone 17 (meters)
UTM Zone 16 (meters)
   North American Datum 1983 (NAD-83)    KY State Plane Single Zone (US Feet)
KY State Plane South Zone (US Feet)
KY State Plane North Zone (US Feet)
note:  KY State Plane Single Zone is NOT available for NAD 27 Datum

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