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Oil and Gas Records Search Results

Search Date: 5/21/2018
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Documents Change!
The "Page Documents" (previously "Scanned Documents") are now provided in Adobe PDF format. This replaces the DjVu format for well documents. Aside from greater accessibility of PDF (PDF is usable on mobile devices and all browsers without plugins), the greatest change between these PDF documents and DjVu is that e-logs are no longer viewable in the document. Only the page-sized documents and strip logs are viewable in the PDF.

E-Logs can be previewed using the "E-Log View" link if e-log(s) are available for a record. This link opens a page that provides a JPEG for quick view of the full e-log, and a download link for the full Tiff image and LAS (if available). The advantage of this is that the e-log can be easily viewed in a mobile device or tablet. This replaces the cut e-log preview in the previously used DjVu documents.

Click here for more information about this transition and the scanned documents.

Download Production Data By Well (only for wells on this page)
Download Formation Tops Data By Well (only for wells on this page)
Map Wells:
Map the wells returned in this search on the geologic map service:
This service plots the well records returned in this search onto the KGS Geologic Map Service (Petroleum Map Layout). Large datasets (+4000 records) may take awhile (a minute or longer) to load and plot. Clicking the "Map Results..." button below will open the map service in a new window (make sure your popup blocker is turned off for this service), the wells will plot as large orange circles, and behave as the other map service layers (can turn on/off and adjust transparency):
Current Limitations:
  • For best results, use the most current version of Internet Explorer (v. 9), Firefox, or Google Chrome. Older browser compatibility is in development.

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Oil and Gas Records Search Results:
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