Watershed Watch Online Data Form Access

Kentucky’s Watershed Watch samplers can now use an online form to enter field chemistry measurements or habitat assessment observations.

First, you will create a site-specific web address (or URL) that will open a unique reporting form for your sampling location. This URL address can be used any time you want to collect and submit data. So, you don’t need to create a new one each time you plan to use it.

Once you have the address, it will open an electronic form that you can use to enter the relevant data. You can enter and submit your data from a location that has internet access, and it will be added to a Watershed Watch database.

  1. Enter a Site ID in the box below, as indicated. If you do not know your site ID, you can find it by visiting the Watershed Watch data portal or by contacting JoAnn Palmer
  2. Click on "Verify Site and Get Sampling URL".
  3. Review site info and mapped location to confirm they are correct.
  4. Then, click on the link that is generated, OR Copy and paste the hyperlink to open the data entry form on your computer, OR print the page with the QR code to scan and open the data entry form from your phone.
  5. Enter additional Site IDs to create the URLs for any other sites that you sample. Just make sure that you are using the correct URL for each site!
Enter the Site ID:

Note: Looking for the data entered via this method? Use this website (interactive map)
*Use the WWKY data portal to view data entered via traditional paper form method.