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About AKGWA Number Assignment in the Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository

The Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository was initiated in 1990 by the Kentucky Geological Survey under mandate from the Kentucky legislature (KRS 151:035). The repository was established to archive and disseminate groundwater data collected by State agencies, other organizations, and independent researchers.

The database is updated several times a year (usually on a quarterly basis) to include the recent data from the Kentucky Division of Water (please contact the Kentucky Division of Water for the most recent data if it is not on our website yet).

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact Sarah Arpin in the Water Resources Section at the Kentucky Geological Survey (phone: 859.323-0519 or email:

AKGWA NUMBERS in the Kentucky Groundwater Data Repository:
AKGWA numbers are 8-digit numbers assigned to ALL Repository wells and springs. The AKGWA number convention is a 3-digit modifier at the beginning which is used to ID the associated organization, followed by the 5 digit ID number of the well or spring (for example, DOW monitoring wells begin with 8 and their numbers are 800xxxxx). The 3-digit modifiers define the associated organization for the well or spring:

000KY DOW Domestic Wells (more info)
300DOE NURE (National Uranium Resource Evaluation wells from the 1980s)
USGS Water Resources Division
National Park Service
Tennessee Valley Authority
UK Geology
UK Water Resources Lab
600KY Natural Resources Cabinet
Center for Cave and Karst Studies
800KY DOW Monitoring (more info)
900KY DOW Springs (more info)
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