Base Layers
These 3 layers are opaque and below all layers.
Adjust all other layer transparency below:
  • Basemap (roads, rivers, etc) Transparency
  • transparency
    Use criteria below to help you zoom to a location of interest:
    Geographic Area Type:

    Enter a Latitude and Longitude in decimal degrees:
    Latitude (dec degree): 
    format: 37.000000
    Longitude (dec degree):  -
    format: 86.000000 (no negative sign)
      Use the links below to open a map or data service to the displayed map extent:
      • more information about this service = mouse over to view description. Click to view detailed info.
    non-mining energy related information
    services that are specifically directed towards land-use planning
    click map to ID coordinates
    measure a line - results displayed
    below "Map Setup"
    measure an area - results displayed
    below "Map Setup"