About the KGSGeoPortal
Gateway to Kentucky Internet Maps, Databases, and Publications

KGSGeoPortal is an Internet service that links users to a variety of Web-based information about Kentucky's landscape, environment, resources, and infrastructure. The linked information may be Internet maps, tabular databases, or online publications. KGSGeoPortal complements the Kygeonet-Kentucky's Geographic Explorer-in that it is a clearing house for internet information. Whereas, the Kygeonet is a metadata service, KGSGeoPortal searches for content by geographic extents.

How it works
Users of KGSGeoPortal specify a geographic area of interest by selecting a method (e.g., county name, coordinate location, or stream name) and specifying a value for that feature type. A basemap shows the area selected and the user can refine the map extent by using zoom or pan functions. Links to other Internet services can then be initiated using the coordinate extents of the map. The linked services start in a new browser window, so that multiple services can be compared. The feature for linking to other services can also be imbedded in existing internet map services to provide service-to-service functionality.

Who contributed to KGSGeoPortal | Detailed descriptions of services
KGSGeoPortal was developed at KGS with the aid of many other state organizations and individuals. Coordinate conversion is supported by the Kentucky Geographic Toolbox, developed by Bryan Bunch at the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet. The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority played a central role in promoting and developing Internet mapping services in Kentucky. Other agencies contributing to these services include: