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Generate KML (KY_Geo)

Document Name:
    24K Geologic Faults(0)
    24K Structure Contours(1)
    24K Geologic Contacts(2)
    24K Coal Beds(3)
    24K Non Coal Beds(4)
      Non Coal By Style(5)
      Non Coal By Type(6)
    Geologic Formations(7)
      500K Geologic Formations(8)
      24K Geologic Formations(9)
    Karst Potential(10)
      500K Karst Potential(11)
      24K Karst Potential(12)
    Dominant Lithology(13)
      500K Dominant Lithology(14)
      24K Dominant Lithology(15)
Layer Options: All layers as a single composite image (Layers can't be turned on and off in client)
Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images