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summary: Sinkhole maps derived from LiDAR data using ArcGIS versions 10.1 and higher.
tags: ["LiDAR","sinkhole","Kentucky","DEM"]
snippet: Sinkhole maps derived from LiDAR data using ArcGIS versions 10.1 and higher.
type: Map Service
accessInformation: Kentucky Geological Survey
guid: 4A292733-F1F6-48B7-B3CC-3E9E9DF5FEC2
title: Kentucky LiDAR Sinkholes
thumbnail: thumbnail/thumbnail.png
extent: [[-85.9344085887824,37.5402154827559],[-84.28816995448,38.5191193674507]]
description: The sinkhole maps are derived from LiDAR data using ArcGIS versions 10.1 and higher. LiDAR data were used to create digital elevation model (DEMs). Surface depressions were then extracted from the DEMs and visually inspected for sinkholes. Field verification suggests that the accuracy of the identified sinkholes to be real sinkholes is over 85%. The data provided here are provisional and updates will be provided if needed. LiDAR data were provided by the Louisville/Jefferson County Information Consortium (LOJIC) through Kentucky Division of Geographic Information. The LiDAR was flown in August, 2009 and the average point spacing is 1.0 meter. DEMs were created using LAS Class 2 surface with 5 feet resolution. Each sinkhole is presented as a polygon feature and the attribute table contains the following fields: SinkholeID: an 8-digit numerical code, in which the left three digits represent FIPS county code and the remaining five digits are sequential. Latitude: latitude of the centroid of the sinkhole Longitude: longitude of the centroid of the sinkhole Area_sqft: the approximate surficial area of the sinkhole County: County location of the sinkhole Method: the method used for identifying the sinkhole Field Verified: Show if the sinkhole is checked and verified in the field. Updates: In August, 2015: The sinkhole coverage for the areas of Bullitt, Jefferson, and Oldham counties that are outside the Floyds Fork watershed were added. Note that the coverage does not cover the Fort Knox military installation. In December 2017: The sinkhole coverage for Boyle, Fayette, Jessamine, and Woodford counties were added.
name: LiDAR_Sinkholes
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
spatialReference: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Kentucky_North_FIPS_1601_Feet
culture: en-US