Completion Information
AB:Well known to be abandoned but with no plugging information on file
AI:Air injection
CBM:Coalbed methane gas producer
COI:Carbon dioxide injection
CP:Cathodic protection
D&A:Dry & abandoned
DEV:Development well
DG:Domestic gas
EPB:Enhanced recovery polymer barrier
ERI:Enhanced recovery injection (Class II)
EXT:Extension (outpost) well
FF:Fire flood
GAS:Gas producer
GI:Gas injection
GS:Gas storage
IA:Improperly abandoned
LOC:Location (new permit issued or insufficient data)
MSC:Miscellaneous well
N2I:Nitrogen injection
NFW:New field wildcat
NPW:New pool wildcat
O&G:Combined oil and gas producer
OIL:Oil producer
SPT:Shallower pool test
SI:Steam injection
SRI:Secondary recovery injection (Class II)
SRV:Service well, EPA Class II injection
STRP:Stratigraphic test with records released to the public
SWD:Salt water disposal
TA:Temporarily abandoned
TAI:Thermal & air injection
TP:Termination pending
TRI:Tertiary recovery injection (Class II)
TRM:Terminated (permit expired or cancelled)
UN:Unknown (as classified by KY DOGC)
WD:Water disposal
WI:Water injection
WS:Water supply
WW:Water well