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Report a Landslide

Please submit online or print this form and mail it to:

Matt Crawford
Kentucky Geological Survey
208 Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg.
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0107

1) General type? Landslide  Rockfall
2) County
3) Route (for example: US-27 or KY1518)
  Nearest Milepoint:
4) Latitude (if known) (for example: 37.5631)
   Longitude (if known) (for example: -86.5467)
5) Failure Location


6) Water present?
7) Movement rate? Continuous-rapid Continuous-moderate Continuous-slow          Intermittent

8) Date Observed?


9) New or existing movement? New         Existing

10) Damages to property, roads, buildings, etc.?          

Yes            No
11) Approximate size of landslide?
12) Comments and contact information
(valid Email address required)
for example, (859)-2575500

Questions or comments contact Matt Crawford: 859.323.0510,