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Oil and Gas Permitting Visualizations 2014 - 2018
The data and visualizations on this page can be used to explore the permits issued by the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas from 2014 - 2018. This data on this page are no longer updated. Use the Permitted Wells Timeline Tool to view the latest permit information in a timeline format. These data were updated weekly using the data in the Permit List spreadsheets published online at

Please Note: this service displays information about proposed (permitted) well locations. These locations may not have been drilled (or may have been drilled to a different Total Depth and Total Depth Formation than is displayed here). For information on drilled locations, please use the KGS oil and gas database search.

Wells are labeled with the permit. The data may be accessed in various ways by clicking on the subject tabs across the top of the map window. Click on items in the keys below the map window to select specific items for display. Lists and radio buttons are supplied to provide additional flexibility in configuring the information displayed. When you mouse over the map, a menu of zoom tools pops up in the upper left corner. To restore the original extent of a map, click the home icon in that menu. Mouse over individual wells to pop up a window with additional information. If you left click and hold in the map area, the mouse will become pan tool (the hand tool icon appears).

This service is hosted outside of the Kentucky Geological Survey, and all questions about this application should be directed to Brandon Nuttall who developed this service while ( at KGS (retired 2019).
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