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About This Service

KGS Geologic Map Mobile Service

This is the mobile version of the Kentucky Geological Survey Geologic Map Information Service (full version here). This service enables you to view the geologic map and related information for an area of interest in Kentucky. You can overlay other KGS data (water, oil and gas wells, landslide info, etc), view a detailed legend, and access information about the geologic units and the other features.
Tools Guide:
Click anywhere on the map to identify any of the displayed geologic features (popup).
Search and zoom to a location of interest in Kentucky.
Turn on/off map layers and set opacity (transparency) for the geologic map.
View the map legend. Updated dynamically with the viewed extent.
Zoom back to your current location. Also moves the icon with your location.


Geologic Units
Dominant Lithologic Units
Karst Potential Units
contacts / structural features
 geologic contact
 contact - concealed
 contact - secondary
 contact - projected
 formal bed
 formal bed - concealed
 formal bed - secondary
 formal bed - projected
 fault - concealed
 fault - secondary
 fault - projected
 structure contour
- label is feet above/below sea level
- contoured horizon is displayed every 100 ft (may need to zoom in to see)
coal beds
 coal bed
 clinker bed
 concealed coal bed
 secondary - bed
 projected - bed
 coal mine outline

non-coal beds
line symbology:
 concealed - bed
 secondary - bed
 projected - bed
 strip mine outline
color symbology:
 limestone & shale

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Base Layer:
Geologic Map:

Geologic Polygons:
Oil and Gas:
Currently available for Boyle, Bullitt, Fayette, Jefferson, Jessamine, Oldham, and Woodford counties. more info
LiDAR Hillshade (5 ft):