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Power Plants

This layer shows the locations of major electric generating facilities across Kentucky. It includes all coal plants as well as those using other fuels and hydro power. Most descriptive information about power plants in Kentucky was obtained from database downloads provided by the Energy Information Administration Web site. EIA maintains extensive information about power plants and not all of this data could be included in this service. Users should consult the EIA website for complete information.

The compiled data are associated with a variety of survey forms that utilities are required to submit to the agency. Power plants are assigned a unique numeric identifier by EIA as well as an identifier for the operator to facilitate continued updating of information. Plant addresses were used to obtain coordinate locations of facilities and these were verified by inspecting recent aerial photography. Coordinate locations used for this map represent a position in the vicinity of the plant facility. Summary data were obtained for both plants and each individual generating unit in use at the facilities.

EIA Form 860 provides descriptive information about plants and their generating units. The current download is for the 2007 year and includes plant name, location, and fuel and capacity data for each generating unit.

EIA Form 923 provides monthly statistics on fuel consumption and electricity generation for each plant. The most recent data was for the 2009 calendar year.

EIA Form 423 provides information about the cost and quality of fuels used at each plant and was used to characterize the fuel source by coal basin, coal quality, and source state.

Pollution control, emissions, and boiler characteristics are available from the EPA eGRID website, however, the data have not been updated since 2005. The downloaded file does contain the EIA plant ID number, but the generating unit designators are not consistently formatted like those of EIA, so they must be edited to facilitate linking the EPA and EIA data.

power plants spreadsheet and ESRI shapefile download Download spreadsheet and ESRI shapefile