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Active Coal Mines

The outlines of active coal mines were obtained from the Kentucky Mine Mapping Information System website.

These data are maintained by the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet’s Unmined Minerals Tax program as part of their assessment methodology. Mine outlines are digitized from mine maps submitted by coal companies to the Office of Mine Licensing. Updates to the shapefiles are made continuously. Mine polygons are attributed with a permit number (SFN) that allows links to be made to the state database of annual production data for the mines and to online scanned minemaps. The downloaded shapefile was first processed to remove inactive mines.

Because individual mines have areas appended to them over time, the result is multi-part polygons. This created an issue for displaying attribute information (a row was returned for each polygon of a single mine), therefore the shapefile was further processed to merge the parts into a single shape. For surface mines, a single permit may cover geographically distinct areas, usually where different seams are being extracted. In the case of these mines, the polygons were merged by coal seam and permit number.

Download Current Digitized Mine Outlines (Active and Inactive)