Using the Interactive Access Map

This interactive campus map has two views. The initial view is of the entire campus with only main roads and buildings showing for orientation. To see more detailed information about campus access, you must zoom in to an area of interest. The detailed view shows the locations of accessible entrances, whether they are automatic doors, and sidewalk routes between parking areas and buildings.

To see more detail, slide up on the bar located on the left side of the map. You can also double-click on the map to zoom in or use the wheel scrolling functionality on your mouse. To view less detail, slide down on the slide bar or use your mouse scroll wheel.

Click down on the map and pull in order to pan the map. You can also pan the map by pulling the shaded box on the overview map in the upper-right corner of the map.

Finding a building
To find a particular building, select the "Find Building" bar on the left-side pane. Type in any part of a building name in the "Find" box and click on Submit. If your keyword finds a single building, the map will automatically zoom to that building. If the keyword finds more than one building, their names will be displayed below the find box. Click on the row for a building of interest to zoom to that building.

Getting information about a building
Additional accessibility information has been compiled for campus buildings. To view a fact sheet for a particular building, zoom until building is visible in the detailed view, simply click on the building. You may also access these sheets from the "Building Information Page" link at the bottom of the map. Photographs of building entrances may be found at the bottom of the fact sheets.

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