Natural Arches of Kentucky

Kentucky is considered to have the most natural arches in the country east of the Mississippi River. Natural arches can be found at Carter Caves State Park, Natural Bridge State Park, Cumberland Falls State Park, and Big South Fork National Recreation Area in eastern Kentucky.

Natural arches can also be found in western Kentucky near Mammoth Cave National Park, although most of those natural arches are off trail and do not appear on this list. Currently, only a few natural arches in Carter Caves State Park are listed here, but many nice arches in that park can be accessed by trail. Please stop by the visitor center for a park map.

The arches listed on this map are public arches that are accessible by trail or road. Arches located off trail and on private property are not shown. This map displays natural arches visited by KGS Geologist Steve Martin (, and is a work in progress.

To use this webpage, click on the map icon or zoom to your desired area. The list of arches (second tab) coincides with the arches that are currently shown on the map. Clicking on the map icon will show information concerning the arch location, arch type, and arch dimensions, as well as photos of the arch.

If you are aware of any natural arches that are on public lands and have easy access that do not appear on this website, or know of any natural arch locations, public or private, regardless of access, please contact Steve Martin ( and the arch can be added to the webpage or to a confidential compiled data set.

List of Arches in View: