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Title:  Geologic map of the Somerset 30 x 60 minute quadrangle, south-central Kentucky
Author(s):  Sparks, T.N., Anderson, W.H., and Yang, X.Y.
Year:  2011
Pages/Sheets:  1 Sheet(s)
Source:  Kentucky Geological Survey
Publication Type:  KGS Geologic Map Series
Catalog Number: GMS_028_12 (category_issue_KGS series)
Publication Number:  17585

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Map Information:
Map Type:  Geologic     |  Color Map:  Yes
Map Dimensions:  32.00x68.50 inches     |  Stratigraphic Column:  Yes
Map Scale:  1 : 100000     |  Cross-Section:  Yes
Subject(s): Coal Stratigraphy     |  Topography:  Yes

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