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Cover-Collapse Sinkhole Reporting Form

Please print this form and mail it to:

Jim Currens
Kentucky Geological Survey
308 Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg.
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0107

Provide as much of the requested information as possible. Some of the data are essential for your report to be useful. The more completely and accurately you can answer the questions on the form, the more valuable your report. The three most important points for reporting cover-collapse sinkholes are (1) be certain the feature you are reporting is a cover-collapse sinkhole, (2) be sure you can pinpoint where it is located, and (3) you must know to the nearest month when it happened. If you know the coordinates of the location (latitude and longitude from a map or GPS receiver), please provide that information as well. Remember, the Kentucky Geological Survey would like to have reports on collapse sinkholes with a diameter as small as 1 foot, just as much as for the larger ones.

Name of person reporting sinkhole* :
Contact Email: (required)
Representing (yourself, the homeowner, your employer, etc.):*
Date collapse sinkhole was visited or reported (day/month/year):*
Date cover collapse occurred (day/month/year):*
County of cover collapse:*

Directions to cover collapse (driving directions in relation to easily identifiable landmarks): For example:
From Munfordville, take Ky. 357 north 6 miles; 100 feet north of highway between Frenchman Knob Road and Brown Road
500 feet due east of Mt. Pleasant Church in Wilmore *

Identification Numbers: (for use by investigating professional)
Field , AKGWA* , or Other
* Assembled Kentucky groundwater database well or spring identification number.
7.5-minute quadrangle:
Latitude of sinkhole: degrees; minutes; seconds
Longitude of sinkhole: degrees; minutes; seconds
Elevation (in feet): ; at datum : ; determined with
Property Owner
Name Street
City , KY Zip code
Feature History
Any property damage?
Yes or No
  If yes, please describe damage:
Any evidence of prior collapse?
Yes or No
  If yes, please describe evidence:
Any buried trash exposed by collapse?
Yes or No


If yes, please describe the source of the trash (e.g., domestic, construction, agricultural, etc.):
Any service lines exposed (water, sewer)? Yes or No If yes, please describe the type of lines exposed:
Was there a previously existing depression? Yes or No If yes, did it hold water? Please describe the circumstances when water was present (e.g., always, only after major storm, farm pond, etc.):
Weather conditions during prior month (e.g., heavy rain, dry, freezing, etc.):
Feature Dimensions (estimate if necessary)
Short axis:length feet; azimuth degrees
Long axis: length feet; azimuth degrees
Depth (undisturbed ground level to to maximum depth visible): feet
Average or typical wall slope: degrees
Bedrock visible? Yes or No If yes, identify formation or member
Soil name or type:  
Water visible? Yes or No If yes, identify direction of flow (e.g., north, south, east, west)
Cave entrance visible? Yes or No  
Comments (Describe unusual or extenuating circumstances, history of the collapse, or any relevant detail)
If your browser or server is not configured to use this form, please report this information directly to Jim Currens at 859.323-0526.