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Chandler Medical Center

800 Rose Street

Who's Here:

University of Kentucky Hospital
Children's Hospital
Emergency Room

Accessible Entries:

The main entrance to the hospital is a revolving door located at the covered drop-off area on the front of the building facing Rose Street. There are automatic doors on both sides of the revolving door. All of the doors between the parking structure and the walkway that leads to the main entrance are accessible as well.

There is an automatic door to the Childrens hospital located midway between the parking structure and the main entrance of the hospital. This door is closed between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The emergency room entrance, located on the ground level between the parking structure and the Gill Heart Institute parking lot has automatic sliding doors.


All visitors should park in the Medical Center Parking Structure at the south end of the hospital nearest South Limestone Street. When approaching from South Limestone, turn on to Ag. Science Drive, which is immediatly after the University of Kentucky Ag. Science Center sign. Take an immediate left on Ag. Science Drive at the hospital sign. At the first stop sign take another left. The parking garage is 50 yards on your right. After entering the parking garage take the first right. There is accessible parking immediately on the left. There are six van accessible spots.

From Rose street, turn on Hospital Drive, take an immediate right and follow the access road that parallels Rose Street past the hospital and Gill Heart Institute until you see the parking structure on the left.

Exterior Access Route:

Emergency Room: From the parking garage, take the elevator to level A (first floor) and follow the sidewalk to the entrance. There is also a patient drop-off area adjacent to the entrance.

Main and Children’s Hospital: From the parking garage, take the elevator to level C (third floor). Follow the covered walkway in front of the hospital building. Both entrances are clearly marked from this path. There is also a patient drop off area at the main entrance.

The hospital can also be accessed through interior corridors from the VA Hospital, as well as other connected medical buildings, and from the third floor of the Nursing Building using the pedestrian walkway over Rose Street.

Interior Access Route:

All visitors should report to the information and registration desk before entering the hospital. From the main entrance, proceed straight along the main corridor, past the coffee shop to the desk.

Rest Rooms:

There are restrooms located throughout the hospital. Inquire at the information desk for the nearest location.


Elevators provide access to all floors of the building. Registration staff will direct you to the correct elevator to reach your destination.

For Assistance:

Call the information desk at 859-323-5816

Other Notable Aspects:

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