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Thomas Poe Cooper Building

730 Rose Street

Who's Here:

Forestry Department

Accessible Entries:

The accessible entrance is a manual door at the rear (west) side of the building. The approach to the door slopes up to the entrance and the threshold is somewhat high, which may create difficult access.


There are 9 accessible parking spaces (2 of which are van accessible) on Huguelet St. along the east side of the building. Huguelet St. can be accessed from Rose St. or University Blvd.

Exterior Access Route:

There are no sidewalks leading directly from the parking area to the accessible entrance of the building. Proceed along Huguelet St. toward the rear of the building. Traverse incline down to accessible entrance.

Interior Access Route:

Proceed along basement corridor to steps. There is a steep ramp on the left side the steps that leads to the front level of the building where classrooms meet. Press alert button on left side of ramp for assistance.

Rest Rooms:

Rest rooms are not accessible.


The elevator to the second floor is located adjacent to the exit door to the left of the ramp. It requires assistance to operate.

For Assistance:

Press the alert button adjacent to elevator.

Other Notable Aspects:

There is no information about other notable aspects at this time.

Picture of the accessible entrance to the Thomas Poe Cooper Building.

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