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Biomedical Science Research Facility

Who's Here:

College of Medicine laboratories
College of Pharmacy laboratories
College of Arts and Sciences laboratories

Accessible Entries:

There are automatic entrances at the north and south ends of the building that lead to enclosed vestibules. The interior automatic doors on the ground floor are locked at all times. A phone in the vestibule can be used to contact a party in the building for assistance. The pedway over South Limestone Street from the third floor of the Kentucky Clinic leads to another vestibule. The automatic doors in this area lead to the second floor of the building.


There are 9 regular and 2 van-accessible parking locations in the E lot between the building and Leader Street. The lot is entered from Leader Street.

Exterior Access Route:

From the parking area follow the sidewalk along the south end of the building toward the Kentucky Clinic pedway. The nearest entrance is under the pedway structure. Both first floor entrances are accessible from the sidewalk along South Limestone Street. From the Kentucky Clinic, go to the third floor of Wing D and proceed to the Neuroscience Department. This hallway leads through glass doors (kept open) to the pedway.

Interior Access Route:

The main corridor runs the full length of the building. A parallel corridor contains offices.

Rest Rooms:

There are accessible restrooms along the main corridor of each floor. The outer door pushes inward and has no handles. All interior features are accessible.


Accessible elevators are located at each end of the main corridor and lead to all floors.

For Assistance:

This building has restricted access. To enter, contact your party using the phone in the vestibule areas.

Other Notable Aspects:

There are accessible drinking fountains located in the center of the main corridor on each floor.

No photo available for this building.

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