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Willard Medical Education Building

800 Rose Street 40536

Who's Here:

Medical Library
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
College of Medicine Admissions
Office of Medical Education

Accessible Entries:

There are two entrances to this building with automatic doors. Both are in the courtyard across from Combs Cancer Research and between the Dental Science Building and the UK Hospital.


There are three accessible parking spaces behind the Dimock Animal Pathology Building. There are two van accessible parking spaces in the "E" parking lot directly to the east of the Medical Center Annex #5 Building. There are also accessible parallel parking spaces along the road directly in front of the Bosomworth Health Science Research Building and the VA Hospital.

Exterior Access Route:

Enter the building through the courtyard on the northeast side of the building directly across from the Combs Cancer Research Center. This courtyard also provides the entrance to the Dental Science Building.

Interior Access Route:

From the left-hand entrance (facing the building), take a right through the set of doors. This will lead you to the main hallway in which you will find the Office of Admissions for the College of Medicine, the medical library, and the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

Through the doors on the right-hand side of the courtyard you will find the information desk and a hallway which leads you to the College of Medicine, ICU & surgery waiting area, and the Surgery Center.

Rest Rooms:

From the left-hand courtyard entrance, follow the main hallway to the elevator. The restrooms are adjacent to the elevator.


From the left-hand courtyard entrance, follow the main hallway. There are three elevators directly to the left.

From the right-hand entrance, there is one elevator directly inside the doorway.

For Assistance:

There is an information desk directly inside the right-hand entrance.

Other Notable Aspects:

At the entrance of the medical library there are two pay phones, a water fountain, and a university telephone.

No photo available for this building.

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