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Civil Engineering Building

508 Administration Drive

Who's Here:

UK Center for Manufacturing
Civil Engineering
Kentucky Transportation Center

Accessible Entries:

There are two accessible entrances with automatic doors clearly marked and working properly. One faces northeast toward the new Mechanical Engineering Building. The other is on the northwest corner facing Anderson Hall. There is a manual door facing the ASTeCC building.


The closest accessible parking is in the lot adjacent to the Gillis Building. This lot is accessed from Administration Drive off South Limestone Street. There are also 4 accessible parking spaces and one van-accessible space located in the lot behind Funkhouser.

Exterior Access Route:

An accessible sidewalk circles the building. There is a ramp leading to the entrance facing the Anderson Mechanical Engineering Building. Coming from the pedestrian mall and parking areas near Funkhauser Building, follow the ramp to the elevated walkway in front of the CRMS Building. Follow this walkway to the left and between CRMS and the Anderson Tower to the automatic door at the corner of the Civil Engineering Building.

Interior Access Route:

Once inside the main entrance, turn right to the elevators and proceeed from there.

Rest Rooms:

Accessible restrooms are located on each floor, adjacent to the elevator. The manual doors are 35 inches wide, and are easily opened with handles 35 inches from the ground. Stalls are wheelchair accessible with grab bars and toilet seat 19 inches high. Doors, faucets and stalls can be used with a closed fist. The restrooms are identified with symbols, but no tactile signage.


The central elevator is located to the right inside the main entrance. Call buttons in the hallway are 42 inches and have raised/Braille lettering. They have audible and visible door opening/closing and floor indicators. (one tone=up, two tones=down.) There is ample room for a wheelchair to turn around and an emergency intercom is provided inside the elevator with raised/Braille lettering.

For Assistance:

Contact Vicki Cooper (859-257-6262 x221, between 7:30a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in Room 220H or 210

Other Notable Aspects:

Accessible drinking fountains are located on each floor between menís and womenís restrooms, directly left when exiting the elevator. Controls are operable with a closed fist. They are cane detectable and there is plenty of clear floor space in front. There are no public phones located in the building.

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