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Lafferty Hall

150 Patterson Drive

Who's Here:

Department of Anthropology
The William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology

Accessible Entries:

There are two accessible entrances. The first is located at the front of the building and is the main entrance. There is a ramp leading to this entrance, however, the door is manual. The second entrance on the southeast side of the building is equipped with an automatic door.


There are eight accessible parking spaces on Patterson Drive, next to the Fine Arts building (#22). There are ten accessible spaces located on Library Drive behind the Chemistry Physics building (#55).

Exterior Access Route:

A sidewalk network provides access to both entrances, however, the sidewalk leading to the side entrance is rather steep.

Interior Access Route:

The main entrance accesses the first floor. The side entrance access the basement only. There are few classrooms in the basement. When inside the building, travel between the two floors in not possible.

Rest Rooms:

The basement rest rooms are equipped with grab bars, but may be difficult for someone using a wheelchair to access.


There are no elevators in this building.

For Assistance:

The Anthropology Office is located in room 211. This office may be accessed via the main entrance (in the front of the building).

Other Notable Aspects:

There is no information about other notable aspects at this time.

Picture of the accessible front entrance to Lafferty Hall.

Picture of the accessible side entrance to Lafferty Hall.

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