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Safety and Security Building

305 Euclid Avenue

Who's Here:

University Police
Parking and Transportation Services

Accessible Entries:

The main entrance of the building on the north side is accessible and equipped with an automatic door.


There is one accessible parking space in the Safety and Security building parking lot off Rose Street.

Exterior Access Route:

An accessible sidewalk leads from the parking lot to the ramped entrance to the building.

Interior Access Route:

The accessible entrance is located at the front (north side) of the building. Once inside, there is a well marked and accessible call button located on the right wall. This call button has a private phone line connected directly to the office. The person using it will be recognized as needing assistance. Office personnel will answer the call and provide assistance. Persons needing this service will be met and led into a room that may not be accessed by the general public. There, personnel will provide any needed services.

Rest Rooms:

There are no accessible rest rooms in this building.


There are no elevators in this building.

For Assistance:

Press the call button inside the main entrance for assistance.

Other Notable Aspects:

There are no other notable aspects.

Picture of the accessible entrance to the Safety and Security Building.

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