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Warren Wright Medical Plaza
Kentucky Clinic Wing C

745 Rose Street

Who's Here:

Kentucky Clinic facilities

Accessible Entries:

This wing of the Kentucky Clinic has one automatic, exterior double door on the rear of the building facing the College of Pharmacy Building and Rose Street. A second, interior door opens automatically. Another automatic door is located on the southwest end of the building facing South Limestone Street near the end of the Health Sciences Building. There are automatic doors on each level of the clinic parking structure.

This wing is interconnected with Kentucky Clinic Wing D where the information and registration desks are located. See the information page for the Kentucky Clinic Building for more information.


There are 42 accessible parking spaces located in the lower level of the clinic parking structure. Enter the structure on the far right hand side.

From Rose Street turn onto Washington Street, then take a left turn onto Kentucky Clinic Dr. Continue straight at the 4way stop to the entrance to the parking structure.

From South Limestone turn on Washington Street, then right onto Kentucky Clinic Dr.

Exterior Access Route:

From Rose Street, follow the sidewalk along the right hand side of the Pharmacy Building toward the parking structure. Turn left at the walk adjacent to the parking structure and follow it to the rear entrance.

From South Limestone, enter the Kentucky Clinic main entrance that has the covered drop-off area. This entrance leads directly to the registration area.

Interior Access Route:

There is a hallway that runs the entire length of the clinic. Follow the signs to the Kentucky Clinic Registration and Information desk. Kentucky Clinic staff will direct you to your location.

Rest Rooms:

When entering Wing C from the parking garage, the restrooms are located past the elevators on the right or take the elevator to the first floor. The restrooms are to the left.

From the first floor, Rose Street entrance, turn to the left immediately after entering and then take a right after passing the Starbuck’s. The accessible facilities are located down this hallway on the right.


The elevators are located immediately past the double doors and to the left if entering from the parking structure. If entering from Rose Street, turn to the left after entering and after passing the Starbucks take a right and the elevator is on the right in the lobby.

For Assistance:

All patients should proceed to the registration desk in Wing D of the Kentucky Clinic.

Other Notable Aspects:

There are accessible pay phones and a water fountain located in the main lobby next to the Starbucks on the first floor.

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