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WP Garrigus Building

325 Cooper Drive

Who's Here:

Offices of College of Agriculture
Graduate Student Offices

Accessible Entries:

There is one accessible entrance located on the right (east) side of the building facing from Cooper Drive.


There are six handicap parking spaces in the E-lot on the east side of the building. Two additional parking spaces in the same lot are farther from the building but are still accessible. All eight parking spaces could be van-accessible, but only one is labeled so. The parking lot is reached from Cooper Drive.

Exterior Access Route:

The sidewalk from the parking lot leads directly to the accessible entrance. There is a half inch elevation change at the transition between the sidewalk and the building’s courtyard. The main sidewalk next to Cooper Drive is in good condition. The building can also be reached by the foot bridge (pedway) over Cooper Drive from the Barnhart Building. The footbridge ends in a ramp that leads to the courtyard surrounding the building. At the base of the ramp turn right and continue around to the east side of the building.

Interior Access Route:

All floors are accessible with the use of an elevator located a few feet from the accessible entrance, on the right side.

Rest Rooms:

There are bathrooms on the ground floor/basement. They are located next to the elevators. The restrooms have insufficient room to freely move around in a wheelchair. No hand rails are available in the large stall.


There are two elevators available. They are quite small but there is enough room for a wheelchair. The elevators reach all floors of the building, including the ground floor.

For Assistance:

There is an information desk visible from the accessible entrance. It is located at the end of the hallway. No telephone number is available at this time.

Other Notable Aspects:

The upper floors have narrow corridors. It might be difficult to maneuver in the upper floor hallways.

No photo available for this building.

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