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Memorial Coliseum

201 Avenue of Champions

Who's Here:

Athletic Courts
Coaches Offices
UK Ticket Office
CATS Tutoring Service

Accessible Entries:

The main entrance, in the front of the building facing Avenue of Champions, has manual doors with a loop door handle. The doors on the west and east side (from the front of the building) also have loop door handles. Doors at the rear of the are currently inaccessible due to construction.


The accessible parking lot is located on the east side of Memorial Coliseum, across from Rose Street. There is one handicap accessible parking space. The ramp leading to this parking lot could possibly be too steep. The parking area formerly at the rear of the building is no longer available due to construction.

Exterior Access Route:

Traveling from Central and South Campus, go east on Rose Street. Turn left onto Avenue of Champions. Traveling from North Campus, take Avenue of Champions. These routes will take you to the front, west, and east entrance of the building.

Interior Access Route:

Ramps provide access to all levels of the building.

Rest Rooms:

There are restrooms in many different locations. When entering through the buildings’ main entrance (facing Avenue of Champions), go towards the right or left ramps. The restrooms are located next to the concession stand. The doors are manual, yet there is sufficient space for a wheelchair (1 accessible stall per bathroom), with bars included.


There are no elevators in Memorial Coliseum. Ramps provide access to all levels of the building.

For Assistance:

For more information, call 859-257-5327

Other Notable Aspects:

No public phones are found within the building
The drinking fountains are not accessible due to their height.

Inside the gymnasium, there are several locations for disability seating. Upon entering the building, the signs will direct you to the seating sections for the disabled (there is seating both on the right and left sides of the gym).

No photo available for this building.

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