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Hillary J. Boone Center

500 Rose Street

Who's Here:

Faculty Club

Accessible Entries:

There are three manual door entrances. The front (north) entrance faces Rose St. and is closest to the passenger drop off area. The approach to this entrance slopes toward the door and the threshold is somewhat high, which may create difficult access. Of the two side (west) entrances facing the Mining and Minerals building, the one closest to Rose Street is the best entrance.


There are 5 accessible spaces located at the rear of the building adjacent to the guard booth for the Faculty Club parking lot.

Exterior Access Route:

Proceed from the parking spaces along the sidewalk to the south side entrance. If accessing the building from Rose St, there is a passenger drop off between Mining and Minerals and the Faculty Club. Proceed from the drop off to the front (north) entrance. There are sidewalks along the front and sides of the building.

Interior Access Route:

All rooms are accessed through the main lobby area.

Rest Rooms:

Accessible rest rooms are located opposite the coat room adjacent to the front entrance.


There is only one floor in this building.

For Assistance:

Inquire at front desk located by the side entrance. Contact Kelli Oakley, director for information at 859-257-4136.

Other Notable Aspects:

There is an accessible drinking fountain adjacent to the rest rooms.

Picture of the accessible side entrance (closest to Rose Street) to the Hillary Boone Faculty Center (this entrance faces the Mining and Mineral Resources Building).

Picture of the accessible front entrance (Rose Street) to the Hillary Boone Faculty Center.

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