Building Information Pages

341 Maxwelton Ct
Agricultural Engineering Buidling
Agronomy Headhouse and Greenhouses
Alumni Gymnasium
Anderson Hall
Anderson Hall
Appalachian Center
ASTeCC Building
Barker Hall and Buell Armory
Barnhart Agricultural Engineering Building
Ben F. Roach Cancer Care Center (Markey Cancer Center)
Berger Building
Biomedical Science Research Facility
Blazer Hall
Boone Indoor Tennis Facility
Bosomworth Health Science Research Medical Center Research Expansion
Boyd Hall
Business and Economics Building
Chandler Medical Center
Chemistry-Physics Building
Civil Engineering Building
College of Medicine Office Building
College of Pharmacy Building
Commonwealth Stadium
Complex Commons
Dale E. Baldwin Residence Hall
Dental Science Building
Dickey Hall
Donovan Hall
Dorothy E. Combs Cancer Research Building
Ecological Research Building
(formerly the Small Animals Research Building)
Environmental Quality Management Center
Erikson Hall
ES Good Barn
Fine Arts Building
Frazee Hall
Funkhouser Building
Gaines Center for the Humanities
Gillis Building
Gluck Equine Research Center
Grehan Journalism Building
Hardymon Communications Building
Head House
Health Science Building
Helen King Alumni Building
Hillary J. Boone Center
Holmes Hall
Jessie Harris Building
Jewell Hall
John T. Smith Residence Hall
Johnson Student Recreation Center
Kastle Hall
Keeneland Hall
Kentucky Clinic Wing D
Lafferty Hall
Lancaster Aquatic Center
Law Building
Lexington Community College Maloney Building
Lexington Community College Oswald Building
Lexington Community College
Academic/Technical Building
Ligon House-Donovan Scholars Program
Lucille Caudhill Little Fine Arts Library and Learning Center
(formerly MI King North Library)
M.I. King Library
M.I. King Library Addition
Main Building
Margaret Ingels Residence Hall
McVey Hall
Medical Center Annex Number 5
Medical Center Parking Structure
Medical Center Parking Structure
Memorial Coliseum
Memorial Hall
Meter Test Building
Miller Hall
Mineral Industries Building
Mining and Mineral Resources Building
Mining Laboratory
Morgan Biological Sciences Building
Multi-Disciplinary Research Lab
Newman Center
North Hall
Nursing Learning Center
Nutter Field House
Nutter Football Training Facility
Ovid's Cafe at W.T. Young Library
Parking Structure Number 2
Parking Structure Number 5
Patterson Hall
Patterson Office Tower
Pence Hall
Plant Science Building
Printing Services Building
Ralph G. Anderson Building
Research Facility No. 1
Robotics Building
Safety and Security Building
Sanders-Brown Gerontology Center
Scovell Hall
Seaton Center
Senior Citizens Center
Shively Sports Center
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Chi House
Sigma Phi Epsilon House
Singletary Center for the Arts
Slone Building
Stuckert Career Center Building
Student Center
Student Center Addition
Sturgill Development Building
Taylor Education Building
Terrell Civil Engineering Building
Thomas Poe Cooper Building
Tobacco and Health Research Institute
Veterans Hospital
W.T. Young Library
Warren Wright Medical Plaza
Kentucky Clinic Wing C
Wenner-Gren Research Laboratory
Whitehall Classroom Building
Whitney-Hendrickson Cancer Facility For Women
Willard Medical Education Building
WP Garrigus Building

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