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What is this? This tool allows you to search the Kentucky Geological Survey database for geologic descriptions from KGS publications, maps, and field notes and highlight those units on the map.

Many of these descriptions were derived from the more than 700 geologic quadrangle maps that cover the entire state of Kentucky. The "hits" which correlate to the 24K Geologic Formations (see the "Layers" tab to turn these on) are highlighted on the map. Queries run at "zoomed out" scales (1:500,000 and smaller), will display a point for the location (this is the center point of the 1:24K formation polygon). When zoomed in to large scales, the polygon outline will be highlighted. A link to the full report from your search parameters is also given (which may yield results from other reports as well).

To get started, zoom into an area of interest, enter your favorite geologic term ("oolite" or "fissile"?) into the Search Term field, and hit the SEARCH button below...

Some tips:
  • Broad search terms at large extents (e.g. statewide) can yield very large results, and will dramatically slow down this tool and you may get script errors. To alleviate this, use specific terms and search limits (you can limit by geologic age and even specific stratigraphic units) and/or zoom to an area of interest.
  • When zoomed out to scales smaller than 1:500,000 (larger areas), results are shown as points on the map. To highlight the formation polygons, zoom in and rerun the query.
  • Set off compound terms (e.g. "oolitic limestone") with quotes, and separate multiple terms with quotes for each term.
This tool is still in the development stage. We are working on improving the results speed, and adding other features which can be queried (wells and other geologic features).
Search Term(s):
Search limits:
Limit results to the current viewed area (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**)
**for best results, zoom into an area of interest and query, or use very specific terms and search limits
 only search PRIMARY LITHOLOGY descriptions
Limit by Geologic Age (more info):
hold the "ctrl" key to make multiple selections
(opens in a new window)
Geologic Units
Symbols are updated as layers are turned on/off and as they become visible by zooming in/out.
line symbology:
 concealed - bed
 secondary - bed
 projected - bed
 strip mine outline
color symbology:
 limestone & shale
Base Layers
Kentucky-specific base layers which overlay the ESRI world base layers.
  • KY Base Raster Transparency (topo, hillshade, imagery)
  • Quick Map Layouts
    These are frequently used map layouts. Clicking a layout button will refresh this page to turn on the relevant layers, and zoom to the same viewed extent:
      more info about the geologic map layout
      more info about the orignal GQ map image layout
      more info about the dominant lithology layout
      more info about the karst potential map layout
      more info about the petroleum geology layout
      more info about the coal information layout   more info about the landslide information layout
    Customize Map
    Note: data layers may take a few moments to display
    Oil and Gas:
    Special Raster (above all layers):
    • Zoom to an area of interest.
    • Click on a link below to view geologic descriptions, images, or data from the KGS database for the zoomed map extent.
    • Large areas may yield slow response times
    This is the map dialog window. You should never see this text.
    This is the map dialog window. You should never see this text.
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